SOLOaf is a single serve gluten free sandwich bread that is convenient and easy to use.  It contains 50% wholegrains making it a healthy source of fibre for those following a gluten free diet.

SOLOaf is a dry mix that is made and cooked in the microwave so it is cost effective and convenient where space may be a premium or gluten free bread is not readily available.  It simply needs the addition of water, milk and an egg, and these can be replaced with allergen free options to give a wider choice to users.  It cooks in under 2 minutes and has a quick cooling down time

In its most basic form SOLOaf can be baked and used for sandwiches or toast and is able to give that light, soft fluffy texture that is so difficult to achieve in gluten free bread.  It can also be adapted for other uses, for example as a pizza base for cooking in the microwave or oven, as a sweet fruit bread, additional seeds can be added for extra nutrients and texture or it can be baked in different shapes for example for use as hamburger buns.

 SOLOaf can be used quickly and easily at home or in commercial kitchens where it is difficult to offer a gluten free choice.  There need never be the problem of offering a gluten free option again.